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About BitminerCoin

BitminerCoin wants to be a virtual currency simple, innovative and of daily use.

From years of experience in the study of cryptocurrency, we have included features that make it easy to use even in everyday life.

Just look at the main features that distinguish it.

Top 3 Features



Can be mined using "Cryptonight" algorithm. ASIC Friendly!
Difficulty target 120 seconds.
Max Supply 50 Million - NO Pre-Mined


Fast Confirmations

Confirmations are very fast and at low costs. Key feature for mass use for everyday payments.



Full support for Windows and Linux, Mining Pool, Block Explorer. Each feature will be present and supported for easy use.

BitminerCoin CryptoCurrency

Fast Payment

Transaction confirmed in seconds.

Easy to Use

Simple use through applications and wallets.

Easy Integration

Integrating payments to websites or applications is easy with Windows and Linux wallets..

Full Support

Full support, thanks to the Windows and Linux wallets, in addition to Android, the Block Explorer and the ming pool. Also to the many nodes made available..


Mine BitminerCoin with Criptonight Asic Miners.

Invest on Future

The future of payments is in cryptocurrencies, ours has the characteristics for a mass adoption without problems.


  • March 2018

    Project start-up. Product conception. System development.

  • May 2018

    BitminerCoin Launch. Starting the Node and Mining.

  • June 2018

    Release Windows, Linux Wallet and Block Explorer.

  • Q3 2018

    Exchange Market.

Latest News

Work on it

Our Development Team is working on the code, and all the features that will be available.

Are you Ready?

Are you ready to enter the BitminerCoin world? We are working to make virtual coins the future of payments. We are sure to do it.


We are online and we are ready to go, support us!.

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